Based in the centre of Scotland's Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, Geomantics provide software design and development services for business and educational users. We undertake a wide variety of consultancy and development work for clients across the UK, with particular emphasis on graphics and database applications in cutting edge or innovative contexts.

We also produce Graphics, Visualization and Geographic software for professional and personal use.

*NEW* iFabricWeaver - interactive photorealistic online fabric and textile design


Currently we are selling a FabricWeaver, a Photoshop/Paintshop Pro plugin which generates photorealistic images of woven fabrics, as a commercial product. We now also have an online version of this, with ipad and downloadable versions planned..

All our previous geographical programs are now all available as freeware. This includes Genesis IV; a fractal landscape modeller, our landscape editor Landformer Pro and several other utilities.

We also sell UK SRTM geographical data geocorrected to the Ordnance Survey grid and resampled at 100 metres processed to remove artifacts. Using this and other data we have done a certain amount of geographic visualization work for several clients, and our images of the effects of sealevel rise have regularly appeared in National and Local press as well as been used by environmental organsiations such as the World Wildlife Fund