Your a GIS professional, not a professional 3D artist, but you want to create great landscape visuals for your clients. Or you're a teacher trying to enthuse and educate your students about maps and landscapes. Or your a local historian who wants to see how you locality looked 5,000 years ago. What do you use? GenesisIV. It's landscape software written by professionals for people who've got other things to do than be professional artists. And you won't need a professional budget, because GenesisIV is now free.

Download Genesis4. Additional plug-ins are available and we have an extensive series of tutorials.

To unlock the program double-click the spash screen during startup and enter
Registration Name: "Genesis4", Registration Key : "$17FC36E7", Validation Key : "$45AC9E50"

Welsh Borderlands, Wales, UK. GenesisIV using photorealistic rendering. Landscape form was generated from Ordnance Survey NTF DEM data. River, Road, Hedge and Forestry data was derived from Ordnance Survey Landline vector data and imported from MapInfo. All data used to produce this image accurately reflects the real world.

GIS Professionals
GenesisIV understands GIS concepts like layers, shape objects and georeferencing. It interfaces to industry standard GIS systems such as MapInfo and ArcView so you can use your existing data without having to learn new concepts or perform difficult manipulations, and there's reams of documentation to get you started.

Teachers and students
GenesisIV is the only landscape product designed specifically to help teach geographical concepts. You're up and running immediately comparing 2D and 3D maps and students can be looking at historical maps, satellite photography and learning about grid references within minutes. GenesisIV's multimedia hotspots are ideal for project - get your students out of the classroom collecting photographs, audiovisuals and notes to enter into the landscape database.

A user interface that lets you explore
If you've ever been perplexed by the blank sheet of modeling software then you'll appreciate GenesisIV's immediate interface. Don't be deceived, there's powerful database and graphics software underneath with a myriad of features than can be adjusted. But you can get results straight out of the box with just a few mouse clicks.

Documentation and tutorials galore - with more on the way
Need to see what the visual impact of that turbine will be? Or want a lesson plan for your 14 year old students? We've numerous tutorials online with step-by-step guides to common tasks, and a series of free educational projects, with data, will be soon be available.

Eye-catching visuals
GenesisIV's photorealistic renderer brings landscapes to life, and because we using modern OpenGL techniques you won't be waiting hours for your images to complete.

Import, export or extend.
GenesisIV is as open as we can make it. Import and export between GIS applications, paint programs, data files and renderers. Our database uses Open Source software and the schema is freely available. And we've numerous plug-ins to extend the system.

GenesisIV main screen, showing 2D map with layers and camera position, 3D map preview.